The following are known bootleg items. There are also quite a few bootleg mangas in Korea and Thailand, so please reference our list for items in those languages that are official, along with our buyer beware list. Please don't support the companies who make bootlegs and buy an official or fan-made item instead!

Bootleg English and Thai DVDs

English and Thai DVDs

There are no official English or Thai subtitles! Any Ginga DVD that claims to have these subtitles is a bootleg, and often have terrible subs. You can view the official non-Japanese releases here.

Bootleg Thai Manga

Thai Manga

The only official Thai manga is Byakuren no Fang, everything else is bootleg. Korea also has a lot of bootleg mangas, however there are official publications. Be sure to pay attention to minor differences in covers, and of the publishing company. You can view the official non-Japanese / non-Nordic releases here.

Bootleg Akame and Kyoshiro Plushies

Akame and Kyoshiro Plushies

These plushies mimic the general appearance of the original Japanese plushies and have a tag with Weed infront of a palm tree. They are sold often on eBay and Amazon. Please look at the offical Akame and Kyoshiro plushies for comparison.

Bootleg Weed Plush

Weed Plush

Chinese bootleg toy made by Frontwinner. Please look at the official plushies for comparison.

Bootleg Wall Scrolls

Wall Scrolls

There are no official wall scrolls.

Bootleg iPhone Cases

iPhone Cases

See the official iPhone cases here.

Bootleg Mugs


See the official mugs here.

Bootleg Shirts


There are a few different bootleg shirts out there. See the official shirts here.

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