Buyer Beware

Shopping for Ginga merch? Here are some sellers to be wary of.

Please be sure you compare prices and don't just buy the first item you see. This list doesn't contain every seller who has massively inflated prices, just the known scam sellers. Research may save you a lot of money! Also be wary of bootlegs.


  • K-acros: overly marked up prices; marks non-rare items as rare; stolen images; lies about availablity
  • UrbanTreasureHunterJapan: buys cels for cheap from auctions and immediately resells at extremely inflated prices
  • Yuuga-ya-japan: overly marked up prices; marks non-rare items as rare; stolen images
  • 4580tk8: bootleg seller
  • Alucardlovessteakcakes: bootleg seller
  • At-jp-ta: overly marked up prices; stolen images
  • Clarisselect: stolen images
  • Fibo-jp: stolen images
  • Free-style7322: overly marked up prices
  • Fukuoka_009: overly marked up prices
  • Gameclubretro: bootleg seller
  • Goods_of_japan: overly marked up prices
  • Goods_store_japan: stolen images
  • Hexircom: bootleg seller
  • Hothobby2010: bootleg seller
  • Hottoy00: bootleg seller
  • Hxwholesale: bootleg seller
  • Japanesque2019: bootleg seller
  • Japan_quality_express: stolen iimages
  • Japan-ssdyuk: overly marked up prices
  • Kinopiyo: overly marked up prices
  • Lucky29773: overly marked up prices
  • Lucky-dragon-tiger: overly marked up prices
  • Music_box_store: bootleg seller
  • Noelwolf77: overly marked up prices
  • Plusplaceinsof: bootleg seller
  • Rapid-fire-2012: bootleg seller
  • Ruhjemmi: overly marked up prices; marks non-rare items as rare
  • Ryoma-japan: overly marked up prices
  • Savsellsthings: overly marked up prices; marks non-rare items as rare
  • Scorpio_2013: bootleg seller
  • Souitsu: overly marked up prices; stolen images
  • Taco_lab: stolen images
  • Taigakouga-japan: overly marked up prices; stolen images
  • Teespring: stolen fanart
  • Tessaloniki: overly marked up prices; marks non-rare items as rare
  • Top.samurai.japan: stolen images
  • Toy-bit: bootleg seller
  • Vaurio: overly marked up prices
  • Vipei-42: overly marked up prices
  • Yami_jp: stolen images


  • fa_fa_jk: extremely unreliable; cancels and re-lists constantly
  • gywix62066: stolen images; scam seller
  • clevermart2006: overly marked up prices


  • 原宿アイリー (Harajuku Airy): bootleg seller
  • ピロシキ (Piroshiki): bootleg seller
  • ティッシュ (Tisshu): overly marked up prices
  • YS: overly marked up prices
  • Zefybj: overly marked up prices

Amazon (US) / AliExpress / Taobao

Amazon (US), AliExpress, and Taobao have no reputable sellers of Ginga items. Majority of the items are bootlegs or use stolen fanart.


  • not recommended for international buyers, use instead
  • VuorioShop on Etsy: overly marked up prices; marks non-rare items as rare; breaks Etsy policies

* While charging a proxy/middle-man fee for reselling an item is common and accepted practice, we frown upon reselling merch for double or more cost for items that are available for purchase elsewhere at base cost (not rare or limited, see below).

* Ginga has a lot of rare items available. However many sellers are marking items that are not rare as being rare. This mostly refers to the PurePlastic merchandise which is buyable through Urumi, which does not require a proxy to purchase internationally.

* Sellers marked in red are highly dangerous due to repeated scammy practices.

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