For the fans of the Yoshihiro Takahashi's manga series, let us be your resource into the world of Ginga merchandise and collecting. GingaMerch does not personally sell any items, but take a look at the shop to find items that are for sale or auction! This site only contains items we know as official. We are still researching some items and language translations to validate their authenticity. Remember, be wary of bootleg items!

Newly Listed:

  • Byakuren no Fang (Finnish)
  • Awake! Weekly Shonen Anime Kings CD
  • DVD (Chinese 2007)
  • VHS (Hungarian)
  • Shonen Jump 50th Anniversary Catalog Vol 1
  • Manga Museum Posters
  • Akita Inu Shimpo
  • Survival in the Solitary Island (Chinese)
  • FANG (Chinese)
  • Lassie (Chinese)
  • Volume 21
  • Volume 17
  • Volume 20
  • Volume 04
  • Volume 03
  • Volume 02
  • Volume 01
  • Volume 19
  • Gin, Gohei, and Akakabuto Phone Card
  • Swim Phone Card

Random Items:


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