- Dunkin -

Hello, Dunkin here - I started collecting Ginga merchandise back sometime in 2008. Originally my collection only consisted of the "Real Figures" - Those derpy things everyone has it seems; And didn't really get anything else till later on. My ultimate goal is to acquire the full set of "Small" Plushies in both Drawn and Embroidered forms (For those that have both versions). I got my first plush (Small Drawn Ken) back in September 2011 and the rest is history. I'm currently not collecting at the moment - I've actually sold off a good bit of my collection to fund living; Adulting sucks. However, I am mostly after a Rocket Plush; My current Grail.

Favourite Animes:

Wolf's Rain, Ginga Series, Naruto, Bleach

(Wolf's Rain will remain my ultimate favourite though)

Favoutire Ginga characters:

GB, Riki, Jerome, Ken, Great, Kurotora; Sometimes Mel :P


Updated last: November 9th 2017