I have been a fan of the Silver Fang series for a long time now. First finding out about it in 2007 when I saw it on youtube. Since then I have been trying my best to collect as much merch from the series as possible. As I have a lot to thank the series for. I do not have much, only having the complete set for both Gin and Weed's books, the full figure set for Weed's series, and two plushies. I'm excited to see the series is still going strong and I'm ready to collect a whole lot more! Which is looking to be quite the challenge since I live in the USA and any kind of Ginga merch is either overpriced or just doesn't ship to here. So if anyone happens to stumble upon my profile and know where or how I can get some merch, I would greatly appreciate the help!

GingaMerch Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin Ginga Densetsu Weed Hopeanuolli Silver Fang