Top Sangyo / Top Industry Plushies

There are two sets of plushies from the Top Sangyo (aka Top Industry) line. Set 1 plushies were the first characters released and all have a large version. They also have a re-released small plush with embroidery instead of paint (for toes, scars, and some markings). Set 2 plushies were the second set of characters, all with embroidered small versions and a large version. Only small embroidered Gin, Riki, and Weed have a curly tail. The cost of these plushies ranges from $100 - $1000+ in auction depending on version and character.

Top Sangyo also created a large and small Weed for promoting the anime. These have embroidered toes, normal tails, and a DVD tag that is attached to the back leg instead of on a string. These plushies were sold cheaper and were easier to obtain when released, so they are valued less than the regular plushies. We have compiled more details on the different Weed plushies.

Finnish Plushies

The Finnish (PurePlastic) plushies are large, fluffy plushies with short legs. They aren't raffle or limited edition plushies like the Japanese ones, and so are much more easily obtained. The plushies are available from Urumi.

Special Plushies

At the moment, the only special plush is the "Promo" Weed plush. There is very limited info on how many of these plushies were given away, but it is a very small number.

Character Small Drawn Small Embroidered Small DVD Large Large DVD Finnish Special
Gin (Puppy)

Bootleg Plushies

Please do not buy these bootleg plushies! Bootlegs are made by companies that only want to profit off of something popular and have no respect for the series. Do not support these companies.

Akame and Kyoshiro Plushies

These plushies mimic the general appearance of the original Japanese plushies and have a tag with Weed infront of a palm tree. They are sold often on eBay and Amazon. Please look at the offical Akame and Kyoshiro plushies for comparison.

Weed Plush

Bootleg toy made by Frontwinner. Please look at the official plushies for comparison.

PurePlastic Plushies

Bootlegs of the official PurePlastic plushies. Notice the lack of airbrushed markings or scars, along with no embroidered toe separations or mouths. More details on Ginga Board.