Normal Magnets

Normal Magnets

There are a total of 72 magnets in the set.


Akakabuto on a cliff

Akatora vs. dog

Ben and Kurotora vs. Enemies

Ben with Orange Background

Ben with Purple Background

Ben with Purple Background 2

Ben with Yellow Background


Cross and Puppies


Daisuke and moon

Daisuke and puppy Gin

Daisuke with green and yellow background

Daisuke with orange background

Daisuke with pink and green background

Daisuke with pink and yellow background

Daisuke yelling

Gin and Daisuke with Bow

Gin and Iga Dogs

Gin and Moon

Gin and Pack

Gin and Pack Swimming Home

Gin and Pack Swimming to Shikoku

Gin Hit by Bear

Gin Saves Daisuke

Gin Snarling

Gin vs. Koga Dog

Gin vs. Moss

Gin with Blue Background

Gin with Branch

Gin with Green Background

Gin with New Scars

Gin with Pink Background

Gin with Pink Star Background

Gin with Red Background

Gin with Silver Background


Gohei with blue background

Gohei with orange background

Iga Dogs Hanging From Tree

John Fighting Bear Cub

John with Bird

John with White Background

Kai Brothers

Kai Brothers with Pink/Purple Background



Magnet 63

Magnet 64

Magnet 65

Magnet 66

Magnet 67

Magnet 68

Magnet 69

Magnet 70

Magnet 71

Magnet 72


Moss with Pink/White Background

Mutsu Brothers

Puppy Gin Eating Bear Meat

Puppy Gin in Snow

Puppy Gin Sitting in Snow

Puppy Gin with Rope

Puppy Gin with White/Green Background


Riki Biting Bear

Riki with puppy Gin

Riki with Yellow Background

Sniper with Dead Dog

Wilson and Chibi

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